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From Doormat To Devi: 10 Steps To Stop Overfunctioning In Relationships And Take Your Life Back

Do you feel like you’re being taken for granted by the people in your life? Are you tired, drained and frustrated from giving to the endless demands of your family, friends and colleagues at work?

Are you unhappy with doing too much in your relationships and desperate to figure out a solution? Do you feel like you’re ready to collapse from overwork and overwhelm and don’t know how to reclaim your space and your sanity?

Giving in to the demands of clingy friends, difficult husbands, overbearing in-laws and bully bosses can drive any woman insane.

Get your copy of “From Doormat to Devi: 10 Steps to Stop Overfunctioning in Relationships and Take Your Life Back” and learn a step-by-step way to get back control of your life.

This book is written specifically with the sensitive, empathic woman in mind, but its principles apply to women (and empathic men) the world over.

In this book, I will help you see the part you play in creating your life the way it is now, and offer actionable steps to turn things around, so that you are no longer left tired, drained and frustrated from giving in to the endless demands of the vultures, vampires and victims in your life.

My biggest lessons have come from the realizations that people treat you the way you allow yourself to be treated and that your relationship with others is a reflection of the relationship you have with yourself.

With the help of the lessons I have learned over years of trial and error, I will help you make your own journey from Doormat to Devi.

I found a lot of great information in this book. Having worked with many women who have gone thru divorce, I particularly noted the sections about increasing self-esteem,  stopping the “blame game” and choosing happiness to be very valuable; from a coaching standpoint, I discovered many ideas and suggestions that I could use with clients.

This book really resonated with me, as a woman working in healthcare, and as a woman who has gone thru divorce myself. Finding a way to be compassionate and yet still retain one’s boundaries has always been difficult. Ms. Shah offers simple solutions to this problem. More information is offered via hyperlinks, should the reader want to expand their focus in a particular area.

Despite being a short book, there is a lot of valuable information provided.

Elmasue Zylberberg BA, RT(R)(CT)(M), LOACC


Read an excerpt from the book here: How To Stop Trying To Please Everyone And Get Your Life Back

Buy the ebook on Amazon Kindle here


Buy the paperback here

Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah is Founder & CEO of Blog Brandz, publisher of Naaree.com and AhoyMatey.blog. You can connect with her at @PriyaFlorence

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