© Priya Florence Shah

How dreary if all life was

Painted a single shade

If every tree made cause

For a single tint of jade

If all of Nature’s creatures

Looked and sounded just the same

If the birds of the air sang

One single song, so lame

If all the human people

Looked and acted like a clone

If all thought the same thoughts

And differences made us groan

How boring it would be if

We lacked diversity

For we would soon see the death of


Monochrome Poem

Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah is a bestselling author, award-winning publisher, and Group Editor of SHEROES, an only-women app and community.


  1. Priya this is beautiful. Life would be boring book-keeping if we were all the same, if we lacked diversity. Ditto for nature, culture, everything. Imagine if the US was just like India and Thailand and Fiji. Not fun! Difference creates contrast, clarity, fascination and fun.

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