B2CThere’s been a lot of hand-wringing about how organic reach has decreased so much on Facebook, that it makes no sense for a lot of marketers to maintain a presence or spend money there. This is both right and wrong.

Right, because if you’re a B2B business, then your advertising spends would probably get a better response on a network like LinkedIn. After all, you have to understand WHY people visit a specific network before deciding to advertise on it.

When people visit LinkedIn, they’re networking for business. This is when you can catch them in the mood to read a whitepaper or watch a video about your services.

With a blog’s potential to reach millions of internet users in all parts of the world, it does not take a smart business student to draw formidable conclusions about company blogs.ID-100260345

You know it is a business asset when your corporate blog is a reliable advertisement platform, for your company. Initially, you may have developed your company blog as a formality or because a rival corporation has it.

Earlier, your blog may have been be used to communicate your company’s agenda or news to its employees, clients or customers. This is no longer the case today.