Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah

About me:

I'm a self-published author and an online publisher, with a passion for reading, blogging, optimizing and sharing content. 

Since 2001, I have created award-winning websites, newsletters, blogs, email courses and ebooks, and been interviewed for my writing and blogging expertise, as well as on women's leadership.

I live in Pune, India, with my husband, daughter and dogs.

My qualifications

I graduated with a degree in Biochemistry from Bombay University and completed my Post-Graduation in Biotechnology from Goa University. 

I have Post-Graduate Diplomas in Journalism, Advertising and Public Relations, am Inbound Certified from Hubspot Academy and also a Certified Social Media Marketing Professional (CSMMP™) from Digital Vidya.

My vision:

I am passionate about inspiring and empowering Indian women to look beyond their limitations and live their best lives.

My services:

I use the power of blogs and social media to help my clients become more visible and useful to their customers online.

I  offer content creation, business blogging, social media marketing  and ebook publishing services to individuals and corporate organisations that need to build communities and nurture loyal customers online.

I also conduct digital marketing training workshops where I cover the basics of blogging, social media, email marketing and lead generation.

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My Books

This book offers ways to think, be & act that can transform your life from one of disempowerment and hopelessness to one of empowerment and fulfillment. It is a handbook for the modern Indian woman who wants to live a bigger and more authentic life and make choices that create self-awareness, freedom and contentment.

Giving in to the demands of clingy friends, difficult husbands, overbearing in-laws and bully bosses can drive any woman insane. This book is written specifically with the sensitive, empathic woman in mind, but its principles apply to women (and empathic men) the world over. With the help of the lessons I have learned over years of trial and error, I will help you make your own journey from Doormat to Devi.

This ebook on women in leadership highlights the many ways in which feminine leadership qualities are giving women an advantage in the workplace. Learn which feminine traits can give you an advantage in your career and business in a new world. Read excerpts from the ebook in the Daily Mail (UK).

An expert is somebody who can easily turn readers into sales because of the trust and authority they have established in the eyes of their customers. Becoming the leading authority in your field can help you do that. The hard part is actually establishing yourself as an expert and that is what I aim to show you in this book where I will explain the steps to get there. It reached #8 on the Amazon Kindle Bestseller list in its category (Advertising).

This book shows you how to attract the right kind of attention and opportunities by showcasing your unique offerings and talents to create a personal brand that helps you stand head and shoulders above the competition.
When you publish a blog, YOU become the “go-to” person in your industry and YOU’RE the one who gets quoted in the media. This book is an introduction to the process of creating and publishing a business blog that will help the small and medium enterprise (SME) create branding and visibility online.

This book looks at how money leaks from our pockets and bank accounts and tells you what you can do to plug these leaks. Finally, you’ll learn how to go about building wealth by introducing you to the various investment options available.

Are you going through an ever-worsening financial squeeze? One of the primary reasons for this is your habits related to money. The need of the hour is to survive and systematically grow your wealth until you reach a comfortable financial position. Combining personal experience and sound advice from the wise, we present more than a handful of ways you can save money and dramatically change your life.

If you want to learn more about health foods and their benefits, this is the book for you. It reawakens your interest in the foods around you, and informs you about their many hidden health benefits. It will show you what is missing in your daily diet, and how to go about consuming healthier foods that will prevent deficiencies – all 100% naturally.

My content marketing guide details a unique approach to getting top 10 rankings and demonstrates how I use expert content to dominate the search engines in your niche and channel a never-ending supply of long-term targeted traffic to your website.

This short story came to me in a dream. It was so vivid, I wrote it down almost as I dreamt it.

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My Business

Blog Brandz Business Blog Consulting

This is where I post my latest business blogging tips. Oh yes, and subscribe to a free business blogging email course while you're there. You can check out the content, blogging and social media services we offer.

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Naaree Indian Woman's Magazine

A Women’s Portal for Career and Business Women in India. Helping every women break free of limitations and soar to new heights of achievement, is a goal that hopes to accomplish. offers parenting advice and information to Indian parents who want to help their children develop into happy and well-adjusted adults.

Goa Beach

A top-ranking travel guide to Goa beach holiday destinations for that special vacation, off the beaten track. Check out the beach holidays blog for travel tips and advice.

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