One of the hardest things for any person, man or woman, is letting go of a relationship that’s not meant to be. We are often attached to the illusion that this person is “the One” for us, and that if we don’t have him or her, we’ll never find somebody new.


Holding on to disappointment, hurt, blame, anger, resentment, and bitterness, we convince ourselves that “all men are jerks” or “all women are bitches.”

If you’ve just got out of a relationship and are harbouring a lot of resentment against your partner or against the opposite sex,

ID-100290346Creating a blog is one thing, but getting readers to your blog is another. People usually miss out on this exact point and often are confused on how to fix it.

If you fall in this category or you are just starting out on blogging, then you are in luck.

I will share with you five powerful tips that will help you create and maintain a powerful and magnetic community around your blog.

1. Creating Great Content

The most basic and important point to note is to have great content.

I often get asked the question: “How often should I blog?” The fact is, the more you publish, the more is your blog considered to be a generator of fresh content.

20750055_sThe search engines reward websites and blogs that offer updated content. Therefore, all things being equal, a greater frequency of publication leads to an improvement of the blog’s position in the search engines.

On the other hand, depending on the topic of your blog, very frequent posts might annoy some readers, especially those who subscribe to feed readers.

Imagine that you’re a girl invited to the birthday party of a boy you’ve never met before. As soon as he lays eyes on you, he walks up and the first words out of his mouth are, “I think a lot about electric cars. Do you think about electric cars?”

Elon-Musk-Book-by-Ashlee-Vance-648x1024Take a high school geek obsessed with rockets, solar power and colonizing other planets, brought up in a family and country where risk and adventure was a way of life, and you have Elon Musk – the ultimate nerd and adventurer. He’s Steve Jobs,

During the course of my spiritual growth, I realized that most people are addicts, in one way or another. And that addiction is not a physical or a psychological disease, but a disconnection from Source Energy and from our Higher Selves.


When we’re disconnected from our higher selves (the source of love and higher emotions), we must look for something outside of ourselves to fill that hole in our soul. This attachment or craving (not desire, as is popularly believed) is noted, in Buddhism, as the cause of suffering.

And so we turn to people,

How To Turn Your Blog Into an Online Lead Generation Machine

Lead Generation Machine

Blogs are a low-cost and very efficient way to boost traffic and search engine rankings. They can also be used to generate leads in the form of blog subscribers.

Companies that blog:

  • Get 55% more website visitors
  • Convert 70% more leads
  • Have 97% more inbound links


57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog. Despite the popularity of blogging, many companies fail to generate a sufficient number of leads with it.

57% of companies have acquired a customer through their blog.