Don’t Call Me Superwoman

A Feminist Poem by Priya Florence Shah

Don’t call me Superwoman
I don’t want to be your Mom
I don’t want to be your champion
Someone to fall back on

I want an equal partner
One who steps up to the plate
I want someone who plays his part
A friend, a steadfast mate

I’m not your superwoman
I do not multi-task
I will not cook or clean or care
If you don’t do your part

I need you to stand with me
We’ll walk side by side
And each of us will bear the load
Or don’t come for the ride

I’m not your superwoman
Become your maid,


© Priya Florence Shah

How dreary if all life was

Painted a single shade

If every tree made cause

For a single tint of jade

If all of Nature’s creatures

Looked and sounded just the same

If the birds of the air sang

One single song, so lame

If all the human people

Looked and acted like a clone

If all thought the same thoughts

And differences made us groan

How boring it would be if

We lacked diversity

For we would soon see the death of


Monochrome Poem

26th November 2018 – In a unique repatriation mission launched by Wildlife SOS India & ACRES Singapore, over 50 Indian Star Tortoises are finally flying to their rightful home in India from where they were originally smuggled and sold into Singapore as victims of illegal wildlife trafficking.

The tortoises were smuggled into Singapore illegally where they were confiscated by Singapore authorities. With cooperation from the Indian & Singapore Governments, they will now be repatriated to India and returned to their natural habitat in the forests of Karnataka.

Rattle is one of the rescued tortoises
Rattle is one of the rescued tortoises

In a first-of-its-kind initiative,

This article was first published in the environmental magazine, EcoIndia, over 10 years ago. It’s sad to see how little has changed since then.

The bane of modern civilisation, plastic embodies the most uncivilised tendency of contemporary society – a talent for creating waste. This article discusses plastic pollution facts, awareness of plastic pollution in the sea and environment, plastic pollution recycling and solutions and campaigns to stop and beat plastic pollution.

Take a peek out of the window the next time you go to work or college.


I discovered that I’m a submarine parent, without even knowing it. The first time I heard that term was when I was asked to write an article on it.

After getting more familiar with the term, I realized that my style of parenting, which involved monitoring my child from a distance, until they actually need me, or face an emergency situation, is actually known as submarine parenting.

What is submarine parenting and why are parenting experts singing its praises?

Unlike “helicopter parenting”, which involves micro-managing your child to the point of doing everything except actually breathing for them,

Indian Mom

As an Indian Mom, for the last 16 years I have had a program running inside me. It’s taken over my life, sometimes to the point of making it unmanageable.

I have had to fight against this program every moment of the day to make sure it doesn’t rule my life and my child’s life. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I don’t. I accept it as the win some, lose some principle.

The “Indian Mom Program” is a master program that runs a whole lot of little programs or modules.