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Who Will Speak For Planet Earth? --- Carl Sagan

We are all Consumers. With every act of existence, we consume a portion of Earth's resources.

The difference we make lies in asking the questions. About how each of our decisions - to buy, to eat, drink and discard - affects the planet and its capacity to support life as we know it.

To be able to find the answers to those questions, we need to learn more - about the processes that sustain us and our lifestyles, and about the choices we can make to consume less, pollute less, and leave a better planet for our children.

At Making India Green, we hope to support, and perhaps guide, your ability to make informed choices. We will try to provide you, as an Indian consumer, with useful information, resources and practical advice that will help you make informed lifestyle choices. We will also try to provide you with simple ways to support environmental causes and campaigns.

We harbour no grand dreams of re-inventing the wheel or even of "going where no one has gone before." We only aim to provide what we believe are the best resources and information that will help us all understand and change our consumption patterns to make them more sustainable.

We do believe that "Less is More" and feel the need to question our environmental priorities, and the increasing tendency to prefer consumerist lifestyles over frugal and simple Indian living. We also hope to highlight the fact that "green" choices exist, and that they are often more economical, both for the consumer and the environment.

We hope to create informed and proactive consumers, whose choices will help to promote greater environmental accountability in Indian industry, that will ultimately benefit both the Indian consumer and the environment.


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