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New Music CD for Solar Energy

S.T.A.R.S. (Solar Technology and Rock Songs)

This brand new music CD helps raise funds for the solar energy movement - and the music is HOT! S.T.A.R.S., which stands for Solar Technology and Rock Songs, features 19 sun-themed songs that span the spectrum of rock music - from folk rock to alternative metal. S.T.A.R.S. was created to promote the cause of solar and renewable energy, eco-education and environmental awareness. See related News article (January 5, 2001)


Indian Magazines



Down To Earth
(The Science and Environment fortnightly from the Centre for Science and Environment)


Humanscape Magazine - With the human being as the central value
(The monthly from the Foundation for Humanization)


The Citizen's Fifth Report is a comprehensive review on environmental issues, events, policies, and practices that affect India. It includes a statistical volume which provides data on many different factors affecting the country's urban and rural ecosystems. The Report consists of two parts. The first is a comprehensive dossier on environmental issues, events, policies and practices. The second provides a statistical database on different aspects of India's environment. A nationwide research effort made possible contemporary and authentic information to be compiled.


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Environmental Concerns of India (A publication of the Centre for Human Ecology, Mumbai)
The CHE is an organisation working to spread the message of Environmental Education in Mumbai's educational institutions.

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Centre for Science and Environment Publications

The Environmental Section of the Other India Bookstore

Publications from Vatavaran

Vedams books

Other Bookstores

Third World Network's Online Bookstore

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) Publications List 2001

The Earth Repair Catalogue Online


Other Publications
India - Facts and Figures
by Mohan Mathews

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This is a single volume socially-relevant reference handbook that gleans the grains of gold from mountains of sand on a plethora of topics for a wide range of specialists, as well as educated laypersons. The ranking of India's performance along social, economic, agricultural and industrial parameters shows the relevance of the country in international trade and diplomacy. The book documents an India with the rich legacy of a glorious past and a robust institutional and legal infrastructure which have enabled the survival of democracy through half a century. Educational and research institutions, libraries, Indologists, policy makers, social workers, journalists, environmentalists, diplomats and business leaders would all benefit immensely from this book.

Amar Chita Katha - 7 great collections at a 15 % discount
Get reaquainted with some of India's best loved tales.

Students Britannica - India

The only exhaustive and authoritative source of information on all aspects of India from the editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica.


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