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Most of us don't consider ourselves "green." We have neither the time nor the inclination to write catchy slogans, picket polluting industries, or campaign against dam-builders. But that doesn't mean we don't care about having cleaner air to breathe, healthier food on our table or a safer future for our children.

Do you feel you're too small to make a difference? Look at what happens when a tiny ant tries to move a large insect. It fails, of course. But then another ant joins in. And another. And another.

Till they become a huge army, that can move a giant. In a country that's home to one-sixth of the world's population, that's a mighty army we're talking about.

The people who lick envelopes once a month, the people who attend a demonstration, the people who send a letter to the prime minister, the people who sign a petition - these are the people crucial to a successful movement.

And it all starts with a single voice. YOUR voice. Become that voice now! Join us in making India green.

Steps for Personal Action

Use Our Campaign Resources

Campaign against toxics - Anti-mercury campaign in India heats up
Canpaign against toxics - Endosulfan Tragedy in Kerala
Campaign against Genetically Modified Crops
Take Action to Fight Global Warming
Campaign against Nuclear Energy

Campaign for people's water resources in Rajasthan (concluded)

Join a Campaign

Join a Campaign in India
Join the Action Network
Join the Greenpeace Cyberactivist Community
Sign Greenpeace's Petition to Save the Tiger
Join RAFI's Postcard Campaign to Oppose Basmati Rice Patent

Nominate Your Least Favorite Pirate for a 2004 Captain Hook Award!
For Outstanding Achievements in Biopiracy - 2004

Become a Volunteer

Volunteer with the CSE in New Delhi
The Virtual volunteering Project

Start your own Campaign

Create a petition and invite your friends to sign it

Save Around $500 A Month By Going Green

Earth 4 Energy - The #1 renewable energy product

Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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