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Resources for Earth Day

Spring is the renewal of life. The first Earth Day, proclaimed by the City of San Francisco and celebrated on March 21, 1970 was created by John McConnell. What led him to the idea was his interest in Space exploration and awareness of the March Equinox, nature's primary day of global equilibrium.

In 1971 UN Secretary General U. Thant rang the United Nations Peace Bell on March 21, 1971. This began the annual celebration of Earth Day at the United Nations.

But whether it is celebrated on the vernal equinox or on April 22, the purpose of Earth Day is to provide an annual date on which the whole world (people of every creed and culture) rededicate themselves to the care of Earth.

Take the ENN Earth Day quiz
As the symbolic birth of the environmental movement, Earth Day is celebrated by millions of participants around the world. What's your basic knowledge of Earth?


Learn about the ideals which helped to shape Earth Day as well as the circumstances which led to its beginning

The History of Earth Day - How it all started

Earth Day: Past, Present, Future


Why the March equinox is the only true Earth Day

Earth Day is not April 22


Send an Earth Day Greeting today.
Spread the message.

Valerie's Earth Day Desktop Theme
Celebrate life, nature, and Mother Earth with a theme just for the occasion.

Download the U.S. EPA's Happy Earth Day colouring and activity book.

Earth Day Downloads from the Earth Day Network
This page contains all of the materials created by Earth Day Network that you can download -- for free! Great Resources for everyone, from teachers to businessmen. Leonardo DiCaprio fans can even listen to his announcement about the Washington, D.C., Earth Day event.



Original Earth Day Proclamation

Earth Magna Charta - a document which discusses the ideals behind the campaign for earth as well as the action people should take.

Read The 77 Theses - the Principles and Policies that will foster the peaceful nurture and care of the Planet Earth

Find out about the history and significance of The Earth Flag and how to order one.


Become an Earth Trustee. What does it mean to be an
Earth Trustee? It means that you support the preservation of our planet through environmentally sound policies, and that you believe that individuals acting in concert can help save our Earth.

Join the Global Campaign. Support clean energy.

Think Globally, Act Locally
Take action on issues that involve India's environment.


The Official International Earth Day Site
The Earth Day Network

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Earth 4 Energy - The #1 renewable energy product

Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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