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Ecolabelling and Sustainable Business

The Green Rating Project - Rating Indian industry

The Ecomark Scheme of India [eBook format]

India's Ecomark [Pdf]

GoI resolution on scheme for labelling of environment friendly products

The Consumer Union guide to environmental labels

What makes a good eco-label?

Labels for a green planet

Environmental labelling guidelines

A few sticking points with eco-labels

Navigating the eco-Label maze (April 20, 2001)

Green labels: Consumer interests and transatlantic trade tensions in eco-labelling

The colour of money (Down to Earth cover story, April '98)

Green claims: Environmental claims on products and packaging in the shops

Green Claims Leaflet - A guide to the international "green claims" code

A Confusion of Claims

Verifying environmental product claims

Testing time for greenness

Green Testing: Recyclability, repairability and upgradability: A practical handbook for consumer organisations

BT-TERI survey of environmental management practices in Indian corporates

Environmental software guide from Edie

ISO14001 FREE assessment online with percent score and free advice

Energyplus Simulation Software from the US Department of Energy

Corporate Environmental Annual Report Sources

Corporate Environmental Reporting Websites (breakdown per sector)

Links to Environmental Reports (not updated after 1997)

Joint EMS & Group Certification: A cost- effective route for SMEs to achieve ISO 14001

The Environment: a shackle for industry, or an opportunity for profit?

Using business & the market for environmental change

Sustainable Business - Includes green dream jobs & resources for businesses

The Green Business Resource Center

Greening of business

Corporations are becoming green

A fuel cell primer for investors

Leasing: A step toward producer responsibility

More rhetoric than action - Appropriate technology in India

Blending the past with the modern - How ecotechnology can change society

Find books on Green Business in the MIG bookstore

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