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Green Building Resources

Kalam to open world's 'greenest' building

Appropriate Building Technology in India

The LEED Green Building Rating System - a priority program of the US Green Building Council

The need for green building

A house for all seasons

Affordable by design: Building an eco-house on a tight budget

Green Building Concepts - Tools to build a more energy and resource efficient home

Sustainable Building Sourcebook Contents - Information on sustainable construction and remodeling

Sustainable Sources - Online collections of information on sustainable building

Earthlink's extensive database of green building products, methods

Carnegie Mellon University - Green Design Initiative

Natural Building Resources - Sustainable buildings, techniques, materials and photos

The Natural Home Building Source - Sustainable, passive solar, do-it-yourself house plans

The Green Engineer - Exploring issues related to sustainable design of buildings

Paladino Green Building Strategies - Design/development to incorporate green building strategies

Strawbale Studio Natural Building Project

Building Concerns - Supporting ecologically sustainable design and building

Articles on sustainable design and building


basin - building advisory service and information network of Development Alternatives

Global Nirmithi Net - sustainable, cost effective and environmentally friendly human settlements

o2 - International Network for Sustainable Design

US Green Building Council - Non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable building design and construction

Green Building Alliance - Non-profit organization that facilitates green building solutions

Architectural Green Solar Network - German Association concerned with sustainable architecture

EnvironDesign - Conference on Sustainable Design of buildings

Green Exchange - Architects and designers implementing sustainable design practices


Energy-efficient buildings in India

Enhancing energy efficiency - Looking for a solution to India's power problem

The Energy Efficiency Site: to help you save money on fuel costs around your home

FTC Facts for Consumers - Heating and Cooling your Home [Pdf]



Green Clips Ezine - A summary of news on sustainable building design

Energy Design Update - Monthly newsletter on energy-efficient housing

Find books on Green Building in the MIG bookstore

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Save Around $500 A Month By Going Green

Earth 4 Energy - The #1 renewable energy product

Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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