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Sustainable Consumption

Consuming more, enjoying it less

Consumption: Making the world sick

Crash Course - 10 Giant Steps to a Simpler Life

Eco-friendly consumer (from VOICE)

Consumers and the environment: Meeting needs, changing lifestyles

Green Guidance - Consumer organisations can give better advice on practising sustainable consumption

Tackling excess with renewed energy: Searching for solutions

The sustainability revolution: A greenprint for the future

Signs of a sustainable society

Eco-friendly growth

RAISE - Best development ractices

Repairing fraying ecosystems: New solutions for sustainable growth

The middle path

Green products for whom?

A guide to green government

Questionnaire for overnments: Changing consumption patterns

Green budgeting: essential for sustainable economic growth

New report highlights imbalance of consumption among nations

Nine More Worlds, Please

The never-ending story of consumption

Asceticism in the age of consumption

Less is more

How much is enough?

Conpicuous consumption leads to social exclusion

Creating artificial needs: How advertising drives consumption

Advertising and consumption: The unholy nexus

Boom time for advertisers in India

Equity Watch - A climate change newsletter from the southern perspective

Ranking of the world's countries by 1997 carbon dioxide per capita emission rates

India's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions

Energy consumption data for households in India

Department of Energy Conservation, Ministry of Power - India

TERI's energy-environment database directory online

Find books on Sustainable Development and Green Consumerism in the MIG bookstore

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Save Around $500 A Month By Going Green

Earth 4 Energy - The #1 renewable energy product

Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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