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Consumer Guide to Genetic Engineering


Introduction to genetically engineered foods

View the genetic engineering online tutorial


India's impassioned debate over genetically modified seeds

Special report on Golden Rice - A gift we can live without

GMO'S: Is this the future you want?

Jeopardizing the future?

GE Food - Safety problems

Do we need transgenics?

Weird science: The brave new world of genetic engineering (pdf)

Strange new world: GMOs pose risks to the environment and human health

The environmental risks of transgenic crops: An agroecological assessment

Can genetic engineering feed the world?

Food security: Can designer crops meet new challenges?

Ten reasons why biotechnology will not ensure food security

Food Fight: The truth about GMOs

You are what you eat...but how do you know what that is?

10 Reasons Organic Gardening opposes genetic engineering

Genetically modified corn unfriendly to monarch butterfly

'Trojan' gene could cause extinction

McDonalds going GMO-free


Genetic engineering and corporate profit

American Medical Association's report on genetically modified crops and foods - information on agricultural biotechnology to contribute to an open debate

The milky way -- are we losing touch with good, simple things?


Consumer Reports: Genetically engineered foods in your shopping cart

Are you eating Genetically Engineered Foods? [Pdf]

The Greenpeace True Food Shopping List (USA)

Transgenic products on the market

List of agricultural biotech products currently on the market

1999 acreage data on biotechnology crops


Mothers & Others consumer action kit on food, farms, and genetic engineering

GE-Fact Sheet & Guidelines for Grassroots Action [Pdf]

Flyer from The Campaign to Label Genetically Engineered Foods [Pdf]

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