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Organic Farming Resources - The most comprehensive Indian website on organic farming and related issues, developed by Satavic Farms, trainers and consultants in organic farming

Organic Info - Comprehensive index of organic food, products, farming, gardening techniques, restaurants

Organic Farming

The Organic Revolution

How to compost - Basic information about home composting

The Compost Resource Page

Lots of composting resources

Compost ingredients - find out if and how you can compost an item

OG Solutions Online - A trusty new gardening tool from

Gardening tips and other goodies

Natural insect control

Pesticide Chart - what organic pesticide will treat which insect

Alternatives to Pesticides

The Audubon Guide to Home Pesticides

Audubon Pesticide Chart [Pdf]

10 Commandments of a Healthy Yard [Pdf]

The Organic Cotton Site

Non-chemical pest management in cotton

Organic Cotton Factsheet

An organic gardeners first aid kit

How much do you know about natural ways of gardening? Take ENN's green gardening quiz.


Institute of Organic Farming and Rural Technologies, Pune

IndianOrganic - Living with Nature

Natural Pest Control Center

Organic Farming Research Foundation

Find books on Organic Gardening/Farming in the MIG bookstore

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Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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