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Consumer Guide to Toxics

Non-toxic Alternatives to Insect Repellents

Our bodies as battlefields

Chemicals that harm your womb

Help yourself to a healthy home: Protect your children's health

Toxic Chemical in Vinyl Medical Products May Harm Sick Infants [Pdf]

In harm's way: Toxic threats to child development (a report in pdf format)

America's children and the environment: A first view of available measures

Polluting our future: Chemical pollution in the U.S. that affects child development and learning

The impact of pesticides on the health and development of children

What's causing girls to reach puberty earlier than ever?

Toxic bodies: Endocrine disruption, our imperiled future

Latest news on endocrine disruptors

Trends in scientific findings about endocrine disruption

Recent important studies on endocrine disruptors

The toxicity of phthalates in children's PVC toys

Health concerns about plastic toys

Low quality fibre in plastic toys

Toxic toys

Greenpeace Play Safe web page

Toxic toys - National Environmental Trust

Soft toy advisory

World awash in chlorine based poisons

Perils of hazardous waste

There's poison on your platter!

White poison - Adulteration of milk in India

Warning labels on toothpaste?

Cleaning supplies can kill!

Food additives can lead to cancer

Food Additives to Avoid

Persistent Organic Pollutants: A consumer guide to action

Information on POPs pesticides

Possible hazards of pesticides and their residues

Toxics: Pesticides and POPs

More information on the POPs treaty

Toxics: PVC

Toxics: Incineration and Landfills

Toxics: Flyash

Facts on Diesel: Is diesel the fuel of the future? (pdf)

Diesel Monograph (pdf)

Warning labels are not enough

Factsheets on pesticides and their alternatives

Toxic products substitutes [Pdf]

The Pesticide Advisor (Online guide)

West Bengal & Bangladesh Arsenic Crisis Information Centre

Mercury thermometers and your family's health

Poison Cosmetics

FDA Cosmetics Pages

EWG beauty secrets

Lurking dangers in hairdyes

How "green" is unleaded gas?

Noise pollution and what you can do about it

Dangers of cellphone use

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Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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