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Green Spring Cleaning

Reprinted with permission from Canadian Parents Online

There are many recipes for environmentally safe cleaning, here we provide just a few of the recipes community members have used to keep their homes clean and green! If you would like to learn more about these products and combinations before using them we suggest you visit your local library or do a search on the internet looking for environmental sites and books.

Green Cleaning substances

Helps to remove stains, wax buildup and mildew.
Use to clean windows, fireplaces, grout, paintbrushes, glass and coffeepots.

Pure Soap
Helps to clean almost everything
Use to clean your dishes, car, kids bikes.

Baking Soda
Helps to clean and deodorize, will act as a scouring agent, polisher, stain removal and fabric softener.
Use to clean your plastic, vinyl, carpet, silver, stainless steel, drains and refresh your fridge.

Helps to clean and deodorize.
Use on wallpaper, painted walls and floors.
Use it with your detergents to remove stains, and boost the cleaning power.

Washing Soda
Helps to clean clothing and soften the water.
Use it in a well ventalated area, wear gloves.
Washing soda is moderately toxic.

Strong cleanser
Use it to clean carpet, linoleum, most appliances, copper and enamel.

Window and Glass Cleaner
While there is nothing unique about this recipe... it works!
Newspaper, Vinegar and Elbow grease!

All Purpose Cleaner
125 ml ammonia
75 ml washing soda
4 L warm water
Combine and use to clean your floors, tiles and painted walls.
This will also deodorise so you will not have a need to use harmful deodorisers in your home!

If you use environmentally-friendly cleansers regularily you will find they keep the air clean.
Store bought cans etc.. contain many harmful ingredients.. and are costly.

One part vinegar with two parts water is all you need to clean your kettle and iron.
Kettle - pour into the kettle bring to a boil, rinse well.
Iron - Put some in the resevoir, let it stand for 30 minutes, rinse well.

Tub & Tile Cleaner
Baking soda and a damp cloth will clean your tub and tiles.
You may need to use a brush to get into the grout but this will do the job without an environmental hazards.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Mix borax and lemon juice into a paste.
Wet the sides of the toilet bowl, rub and let stand for a few hours.
Scrub off and flush! (if you don't have stains you can let stand for less time)

Oven Cleaner
There are many "green" recipes for oven cleaners. Since most call for the use of Ammonia we suggest you contact your local environmental office for ideas. Toxic fumes with young children do not mix. Don't be fooled by the commercial brands saying "no fumes." What you can't smell can be as harmful as what you can smell.

Drain Opener
A plunger will usually do the trick.. if not try this recipe
250ml baking soda
250ml salt
125ml vinegar (white)
Pot of boiling water (kettle if you have one)
Pour the soda, salt and vinegar down the drain, leave for 15-20 minutes.
Pour on boiling water.

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