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Natural Health

The Natural Way Of Healing
by Dr. J M Jussawala
Feel healthier than you've ever felt before-without drugs and medication ! If you belong to the steadily growing group of people who believe that antibiotics are cures that kill, then this book is for you.

All About Herbal Remedies
by Girija Khanna

Using modern medicines for a running nose or stomach is like killing a fly with a gun. Urban patients alienated from traditional practices, are often overdrugged for the most trivial of health problems. Herbal remedies offer effective cures, says Dr. Khanna by helping body defenses fight disease; modern medicines directly attack the disease and in the process weaken the system. Included in this book are about a thousand recipes drawn from the vanishing tradition of folk medicine, and tested out by the author's patients, on her prescription. Some of these come in handy in medical emergencies. Easy to make from available fruits, vegetable herbs and spices.

Home Remedies
by T. V. Sairam
Even before Charaka compiled the Samhita, his treaties on Ayurveda, in the second century B.C., women and men were using herbs from their kitchens, fields and forests to alleviate pain and cure sickness. But with the coming of Western medicine, such indigenous practices were condemned out of court as unscientific. This book, the outcome of over three decades of journeying and interactions with barely recognized vaids, ojhas and small community physicians, attempts to document these practices, while presenting also the findings of Western science that has only recently begun to acknowledge and legitimize them. Forty of the most common herbs in every Indian kitchen, including well-loved familiars such as garlic, ginger and pudina, and the more special saffron, almonds and figs, are described here as known in local, specialized healing traditions. The botanical profile of each herb is followed by an extensive record of its medicinal uses in particular ailments, with detailed notes on the preparation and dosage of each remedy, and an extensively bibliography of research articles. Comprehensive and separate glossaries of English and non-English technical terms and unfamiliar herbs, a multi-language index of plant names, and detailed illustrations make Home Remedies a unique reference guide to rediscovering a host of remedies for the most commonly encountered ailments.

Home Remedies Volume II
by T. V. Sairam
Researched over three decades, this book gathers together medicinal and cosmetic recipes, tracing roots that lead back through lineages of trusted physician-orders such as the Siddhas of the south. The author meticulously documents many parallel traditions, and their uses of individual plants to cure and comfort. Forty marketplace regulars such as the carrot, drumstick and tamarind, fruit such as the jamun, flowers such as the jasmine and flame of the forest, and quaint oddballs such as the bone-setter and devil's tree are here described through individual botanical profiles, followed by an extensive record of medicinal uses in particular ailments, with detailed notes on the preparation and dosage of each remedy. A comprehensive bibliography of scientific articles, separate glossaries of English and non-English technical terms, a multi-language index of plant names, and detailed illustrations make this second volume of Home Remedies an illuminating rediscovery of herbs that here come into their own as purveyors of a health and happiness increasingly hard to come by.

Practical Ayurveda
by Atreya
Heard about Ayurveda, but don't know what it's about? Are you confused by other books on the subject? Have you looked into other forms of alternative healing or lifestyle and been put off by strict regiments of diet, exercise, and even abstinence? Everybody is different, and Atreya, using ayurvedic techniques, teaches you how to recognize your own body "type" and what you do to maintain healthy balance in your life. Enjoy the foods and activities you always have-using Ayurveda, you will finally understand how they affect you and what you can do to balance the good with the bad. Atreya loves life, has a sense of humor, loves to teach, and in this book provides an accessible introduction to Ayurveda by demystifying the language and providing humorous illustrations. He teaches how Ayurveda can help you handle your lifestyle-he even discusses sexuality, something many healers never mention.

Ayurveda - Life, Health And Longevity
by Robert E Svoboda
Developed from the Vedas, India's ancient books of wisdom, Ayurveda combines physical, paychological and spiritual therapies in an approch to health that is as relevant to the modern world as it was to the ancient world when it first became part of India's collective consciousness. Here, for the first time in the West, is a definitive handbook of a health care system, both sensible and sublime, that is still alive and well. The author is the first Westerner to graduate from an Indian Ayurvedic college. Utilizing herbs and minerals, proper nutrition and purification and,above all,affirmative ways of living, Ayurveda treats not just the ailments but the whole person and emphasizes prevention of disease to aviod the need for cure. Its ancient message has helped spread the new holistic thinking in the West, encouraging us to become 'stewards of life' in order, now, to give civilization itself a chance to heal.

100 Great Natural Remedies
by Penelope Ody Caroline Taggart (Editor) Laura Hodgson (Photographer) Designed by Geoff Hayes

Plant medicines, which have been in regular, well-documented use for more than 5,000 years, are often a healthier, more natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs for the treatment of chronic, non-life-threatening ailments. From applying cabbage leaves to aching joints to spreading lemon juice on itchy skin, this book describes the healing properties of many familiar plants that can help you improve your health in a cost-effective manner. Discover how to cure practically any common ailment with tinctures, infusions, ointments, creams, tonic wines, and cough syrups you can make easily from common weeds, wild flowers, garden plants, and an impressive array of fruits, vegetables, and culinary seasonings.

Ethnomedical lore of the Paharias
by Earaplackal Vargese SVD and Peter Paul Hembrom
(Published by the Centre for Human Ecology, Mumbai)

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IDMA Bulletin: The book begins with the history of ethnomedicine in short and continues with the profile of Paharias, the tribal people settled in the Hilly region of Rajmahal Hills & neighbouring regions of Santal Paraganas, with their origin, history, habitat settlement & in general the society. It also gives some sketches of the plants & their coloured photographs. The ethnomedical uses are described to the point, which makes the book very concise. Plants grouped according to their therapeutic uses, useful to the medical practitioners is also provided and finally in conclusion diseases which are more prevalent in Paharias & need urgent attention are described. The book is valuable as it gives the traditionally used medicinal plants by Paharias which in turn can also lead to the preservation of these plants. The students, teachers, research scholars & practitioners will find this book useful.

Natural Cures: Home Remedies the Natural Way
by Mark Evans, B. Phil Fnimh
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The Natural Way for Dogs and Cats: Natural Treatments and Remedies for Your Pet
by Midi Fairgrieve
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Fairgrieve's simple reference book provides easy, natural cures for everyday health complaints, such as skin and coat problems, parasites, and eye and ear troubles. It encourages a reasonable approach to pet health, including a healthy diet and lots of exercise, and also provides in-depth advice for pet owners considering holistic treatments. Acupuncture, aromatherapy, chiropractics, flower essences, healing herbs, homeopathy, osteopathy, and nutrition are also discussed.

Dr. Pitcairn's Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats
by Pitcairn, Richard H.; Pitcairn, Richard H.; Pitcairn, Susan Hubble

Thousands of pet owners have already discovered Dr. Pitcairn's natural approach to pet nutrition. This edition of his unique pet-care guide covers every facet of animal treatment and nutrition, including protection from environmental health hazards, and treatment for disease.

cover Natural Pet Cures : Dog & Cat Care the Natural Way
by John Heinerman
The bestselling author of Nature's Super 7 Medicines and Heinerman's Encyclopedia of Healing Juices returns with the ultimate guide to holistic health care for pets. People naturally want the best treatment for their pets, and "natural" and "best" is what they'll find in this user-friendly reference to alternative remedies for dogs and cats. Your Healthy Pet contains expert treatments for over 100 common health problems, plus commonsense tips on resolving common behavior issues and keeping pets in shape. Easy-to-prepare remedies are provided for safe, gentle, and effective relief of ailments. With solid, reassuring advice pet owners can trust, Your Healthy Pet is a superb basic-care reference that belongs in every pet-loving home.


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