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Green Living Guides


Care2's consumer guides channel

Everyday solutions for healthy living

How to be a green consumer

A consumer guide to sustainable consumption

Earth-saving tips from Earthshare

Mothers and Others green guide

Consumer action for people and the environment

Greener living - Practical tips for everyday life

Are you doing your bit?

Spreading sound environmental practices

Facts for Consumers - Sorting Out "Green" Advertising Claims [Pdf]


The EMS factsheets on safer alternatives to toxic household cleaners

Cutting The Risk - FoE's handy guide to buying household products and practical tips for the home

Incentives for environmentally friendly dry cleaning

Alternatives to Chemicals

Art and Hobby Supplies

Paints, Solvents, and Wood Preservatives

Natural Cleansers and Insecticides

Clothing Moths - Prevention and Control

Spiders, Ants, Flies, and Cockroaches

Mosquito repellants-- Are you at risk?

Natural medicinal recipe for head louse removal

Natural Rearing - Alternative, holistic, complementary health care for pets

Basics of natural flea control

Managing Fleas in Your Home

The Modern Malaria Control Handbook: Guide to Sources and Strategies [Pdf]


Campaign on Ecofrig - Protest against Indian refrigerator manufacturers

Ecofrig: Make the right choice now!

Greenfreeze - Greenpeace's environment-friendly refrigerator - Enviro-Safe refrigerants for air conditioners

FTC Consumer Alert - Buying a Washing Machine? [Pdf]

New soap keeps you and environment clean


Tips on paper for young consumers

Sorting out garbage at its source

Putting a lid on wastefulness: Drowning in garbage and how to keep afloat

Quenching the planet's thirst: Securing clean and plentiful water resources

Water harvesting: Urgent need to reap rich rewards

From ashes to abundance

The Internet Consumer recycling guide

Earth's 911: Information on recycling centers, how to recycle, prevent pollution


Natural gas buses are the path towards sustainability

CSE's CNG factsheet: The natural gas plan to clean up the dirty air (pdf)

Renewing India - guide to new and renewable sources of energy in India

Solar energy can improve life of rural poor

Power of aluminum as renewable clean energy source

Find books on Green Living, Green Parenting and Natural Health in the MIG bookstore

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Save Around $500 A Month By Going Green

Earth 4 Energy - The #1 renewable energy product

Just Green It!

Electricity4Gas Manual

Power 4 Home

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