Reviews for ‘Step Into Your Feminine Power and Rule Your World’

Here are some of the reader reviews and feedback that we received for Step Into Your Feminine Power and Rule Your World.


  • Not preachy, no didactic, yet offering a lot of advice and perspective that seems invaluable for any woman trying to break out of this bind.

    Having seen my own wife make that journey, I can really empathize with how this book speaks to some of the core issues and would be a great help to any woman trying to make her own mark.

    In a book like this, the challenge remains whether the lessons would be more broadly applicable and the great thing is that while it is written in an Indian context, women everywhere should find nuggests of inspiration and wisdom, since the themes and struggles it portrays do have a universal resonance.

    ~ Adrian

  • This book is a wonderful read and is very well written. It seems that a lot of research and thought has gone into writing this book.

    It is full of practical suggestions that one can apply in day-to-day life. I feel that even if some of these suggestions are followed, one can surely transform one’s life.

    ~ Leena Kundnani

  • The book comes at an important time, when most of the Indian women stand on the threshold of some or another emotional battle.

    Priya has done a great job of delving into human nature and offering an all-round solution to women in various walks of life.

    The book tells you how to manage your habits, your attitude, indeed, your whole perspective of looking at life. It is challenging yet empathetic at the same time.

    While it is aimed at women, and exclusively discusses their dilemmas, I feel it can be equally helpful to anyone else looking to build self-confidence and break free.

    ~ Ankush Thakur

  • Every woman, Indian or otherwise, will be able to connect the dots and relate with the concepts elaborated in each of the chapters.

    The teachings and anecdotes offer a simple path to liberation and self-fulfillment without resorting to bra-burning feminism.

    Instead, they inspire and empower women by helping them leverage their inner strengths and reach their full potential as an individual.

    Irrespective of background, culture, age or geographical location, this book will help Indian women live their life to the fullest.

    ~ Shuchi Kalra

  • ‘Step into your Feminine Power and Rule Your World’ is a book which explains what is womanhood in a nutshell in such a beautiful manner. The book has amazingly dealt with various topics to motivate woman how to use their feminity in a positive way. All guidelines if followed to the core can help ladies to really rock the world.

    I specially loved the topic -‘Cultivating abundance mindset’ and ‘Focus on what you want’. I have saved this book in my phone and will love to browse again and again to keep myself reminding of my powers. Hats off to Priya for conceptualizing this book.


    with regards,

    ~ Charu Mehrotra

  • Amazing read! I started reading and didn’t look around until I finished the entire 24 ways to Feminine Power.

    Very interesting piece especially with the way Priya Florence Shah has started by mentioning the name of the movie ‘Arth’ which automatically makes you want to read throughout. Simple language, easy to understand and Indian women can relate to it so much.

    “It has reached the point where many Indian women feel that they have to be either bimbos or bitches to succeed. The fact is, we don’t have to be either – we just need to be human beings with the ability to express our unique gifts and talents.” I felt this was a very powerful paragraph and very articulately explained the point.

    In the “Cultivate an Abundance Mindset” chapter, the author has brilliantly explained the current mindset and the need to change it. “Many Indians are brought up with the conditioning that an abundance of material wealth is bad or only available by illegal means – and that rich people are shallow and superficial.”

    “If you act like a jerk when you are poor, you will act like a jerk when you are rich.” Impeccable sentence!

    Knowing that we always have a choice made me think again and I quickly realize that yes its true. I am particularly impressed with the way she has explained that how growth involves discomfort. Bravo!

    In the entire piece the part which caught my utmost attention was the Cracked Pot illustration. Remarkable way to explain that nothing is wrong in the way we are, that each human being is special and unique.

    An overall a true experience which makes you want to go out there and achieve a fulfilling life.

    Great job, truly deserving!”

    ~ Sapna Chheda

  • Priya Florence Shah of has written a book “Step Into Your Feminine Power and Rule Your World“, specifically targeting Indian women.

    However, the suggestions and advice would be applicable to women all over the world because globally women face the same problems and challenges and are also among the most disadvantaged.

    The book is extremely readable and easy to understand. It almost never makes you feel that you cannot make the changes necessary to be successful and an achiever.

    Full of commonsense advice like loving yourself, letting go of fears and problems, living in the present, not worrying about the future… the book has the potential to change lives.

    Yes, it is true that women have achieved much and have more opportunities now than ever before. And yet, as Priya puts it:

    ‘Despite all our successes, however, we continue to encounter negativity from those who are threatened by the strides that women have made.

    ‘Sexual abuse, molestation, rape, dowry demands, bride-burning and female foeticide do not stem from lust or money, but from an abuse of power. These are some of the ways that fearful husbands, lovers and in-laws attempt to dominate the women in their home.

    ‘Strangely, the ones who fear and oppose progress include not just men but women, as well. Some men are understandably threatened by powerful women. But why do women feel this way too?’

    Among the reasons for these feelings are, as the author says, lowered self esteem, fear, childhood issues and an ingrained mental block. I particularly liked the bit about the importance of money.

    ‘The wise ones know that there is enough in the Universe for everyone. Scarcity is a human condition created by fear. Abundance flows to those who believe that they deserve it and are most aligned with their life purpose.’

    If you are feeling undervalued, negative, bogged down, are not as successful as you wished, if you want to do something to change, then just read this book and follow the advice.

    ~ Smiti Munwani 


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