Sapna Chheda Reviews ‘Step Into Your Feminine Power And Rule Your World’

Amazing read! I started reading and didn’t look around until I finished the entire 24 ways to Feminine Power.

Very interesting piece especially with the way Priya Florence Shah has started by mentioning the name of the movie ‘Arth’ which automatically makes you want to read throughout. Simple language, easy to understand and Indian women can relate to it so much.

“It has reached the point where many Indian women feel that they have to be either bimbos or bitches to succeed. The fact is, we don’t have to be either – we just need to be human beings with the ability to express our unique gifts and talents.” I felt this was a very powerful paragraph and very articulately explained the point.

In the “Cultivate an Abundance Mindset” chapter, the author has brilliantly explained the current mindset and the need to change it. “Many Indians are brought up with the conditioning that an abundance of material wealth is bad or only available by illegal means – and that rich people are shallow and superficial.”

“If you act like a jerk when you are poor, you will act like a jerk when you are rich.” Impeccable sentence!

Knowing that we always have a choice made me think again and I quickly realize that yes its true. I am particularly impressed with the way she has explained that how growth involves discomfort. Bravo!

In the entire piece the part which caught my utmost attention was the Cracked Pot illustration. Remarkable way to explain that nothing is wrong in the way we are, that each human being is special and unique.

An overall a true experience which makes you want to go out there and achieve a fulfilling life.

Great job, truly deserving!”

~ Sapna Chheda

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