Don’t Call Me Superwoman: A Feminist Poem

Don’t Call Me Superwoman

A Feminist Poem by Priya Florence Shah

Don’t call me Superwoman
I don’t want to be your Mom
I don’t want to be your champion
Someone to fall back on

I want an equal partner
One who steps up to the plate
I want someone who plays his part
A friend, a steadfast mate

I’m not your superwoman
I do not multi-task
I will not cook or clean or care
If you don’t do your part

I need you to stand with me
We’ll walk side by side
And each of us will bear the load
Or don’t come for the ride

I’m not your superwoman
Become your maid, I won’t
I refuse to be responsible
For doing the things you don’t

You can pick up your own socks
Put your shoes on the rack
I refuse to be guilt-tripped
Into picking up your slack

Don’t call me Superwoman
I’m a human being like you
And deserve as much as anyone
Some love and self-care too

Dont Call Me Superwoman Poem

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  1. Wao!! Amazing…
    Really It’s Awesome Mam, Loved this Poem
    Going to Share in My Friends Group.
    Again Good Luck Mam, Waiting for Your Next one.

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