10 Tips For Blogging Like A Pro

The Internet offers a great deal of diversity in terms of the sheer number of income generating opportunities open to you as a blogger.

ad2The amount of money or influence you are capable of commanding does not depend on whether you are operating a big agency or working from the confines of your bedroom.

Rather, your success depends on how well you can learn and apply a number of blogging techniques that the pros use to increase their exposure and income.

  • Use Magazine Style Headlines

Use attention grabbing magazine-like headings in your blog posts. Achieve this by going through a number of magazine write-ups’ titles and create sensational headings that are capable of capturing readers’ attention and make them want to find out more.

  • Engage the Reader through Direct Talk

Write short and interesting sentences and paragraphs. Use a conversational tone by adapting words such as ‘your’ and ‘you’ to give the readers a feeling that they are talking to a person capable of addressing their concerns.

  • Make Your Content Easily Available

Use the RSS feed on your blog to share your content with as many people as possible. Avoid restrictions in the information you provide as free and quality information is significant in making your site a favorite among internet users. As a result, they will come back consistently, reference your work and help you get more hits.

  • Ensure Easy Content Sharing

Promote easy sharing of your information amongst online users with the help of social networking platforms. Make Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook icons available on your site. You can step the level of exposure by including plug in applications that allows sharing of your blog posts amongst friends.

  • Diversify your Content Delivery Channels

Incorporate videos and pictures alongside text to diversify your message delivery. This breaks the monotony of having to obtain any of the information you are offering through reading. As a result, people visiting your blog will have something to read and watch, turning your blog into a gallery of information and entertainment.

  • Use Striking Images

Frequent use of attention-grabbing images makes your blog easy on the readers’ eyes and encourages them to share it on sites like Pinterest. You can obtain the images from copyright-free picture websites or ask permission from owners to feature their pictures or create your images and share them yourself on Pinterest to drive more traffic.

  • Link to Other Blogs

Linking your blog to other blogs with similar interests creates a social network that can help you keep track of what other bloggers are writing about. As a result, you will be able to keep up with blogging trends and be in a position leave comments on related blogs. They are likely to return the favor by commenting on your blog posts as well.

  • Encourage Readers to Leave Comments

Encourage comments on your blog to get higher traffic. This can be challenging at first but you can use Plugin applications such as Commentluv to enable online users view your latest posts from their personal sites. Using questions such as “Have you been caught up in a similar situation?” also generates interests and encourage people to leave comments.

  • Watch Your Analytics

Keep track of your blog’s critics to establish what favors your blogging endeavors and what doesn’t. Look at sources of traffic, bounce rate and visitors’ behavior by establishing which page attracts the most number of readers. You can as well keep a keen eye on clicks, sign ups and conversation trends.

  • Approach Blogging Like a Business

Treat your blog like a business not a hobby. Share on X Load the blog regularly with fresh content and set aside time to maintain it through writing, creating images and adapting a user-friendly interface. This will make your readers see sense in taking you seriously and follow your blog ardently.

In case you are wondering what to write about, visit social network sites, online forums as well as Q&A websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora to look for keywords related to your business. Pay attention to what people are asking about or discussing and use these queries as a spring board to create unique articles, images and videos.

© Priya Florence Shah

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